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Titelbild Team – Frau Mayer und Frau Dr. med. Tebbe

With commitment
and empathy
on your side.

This is us.

Dr. med. Sandra Tebbe founded the practice in 2006 and built a strong, empathetic team. In April 2014,  Tanya-Maria Mayer joined the practice management as another specialist doctor.


The focus of our entire team is your well-being. That is why the values of humanity, respect, affection and care are at the core of our work.


We speak the following languages: German, English, Turkish and Russian.

Bild des Praxisteams

Together ...

Our doctors

Frau Dr. med. Sandra Tebbe

Specialist in internal medicine, hematology and internal oncology

dr medical Sandra Tebbe

Frau Tanya-Maria Mayer
Specialist in internal medicine


Tanya Maria Mayer

Herr Henry Sebastian
Specialist in internal medicine, hematology and oncology

Henry Sebastian

Our practice team

Mitarbeiterin Daniela Boksgorn


Daniela Boksgorn

Mitarbeiterin Julia Fernau

Medical assistant,
Specialist oncology

Julia Fernau

Mitarbeiterin Daniela Jacob

specialist nurse

Daniela Jacob

Mitarbeiterin Ilona Kaletka


Ilona Kaletka

Mitarbeiterin Melis Kartop

Medical assistant

Melis Kartop

Mitarbeiterin Daria Keßler

Medical Assistant, 
Specialist oncology

Daria Kessler

Mitarbeiterin Jasmin Kleineberg

Medical assistant,
Specialist oncology

Jasmine Kleineberg

Mitarbeiterin Petra Krug

Medical assistant

Petra Krug

Mitarbeiterin Ricarda Krüger

Medical assistant,
Specialist oncology

Ricarda Krueger

Mitarbeiterin Tanja Reuter

Study Nurse,
Accounting Clerk

Tanya Reuter

Mitarbeiterin Suse Sehrbrock

Study Nurse

Susan Verybrock

Mitarbeiterin Bianca Sondermann

Nurse, specialist in health and social services

Bianca Sonderman

Mitarbeiterin Sarah Zarioh

Apprentices for 
Medical Specialists

Sarah Zarioh

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